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Why Joe?

I ran for State Senate to tackle the big issues and fix what is wrong with government.

By putting solutions before politics, we demonstrated leadership in tough times.

Gone are the old days of budget deficits, crushing job loses and government shutdowns.

Now our state is headed in the right direction:

+ 280,000 NEW JOBS
+ Unemployment LOWEST since 2009
+ Personal income and home values are UP
+ $1.5 billion budget DEFICIT ERASED
+ $580 million into SAVINGS FUND

+ $1 billion more for PUBLIC SCHOOLS
+ $600 million more to FIX ROADS 

+ Budget BALANCED early 4 years in a row

Today, more better-paying jobs are being created, and our children and grandchildren can stay here in Michigan and raise a family.

There is much more work to do.  Michigan is on the comeback and we are moving forward!


Joe Hune
State Senator