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Daxton Hune for Michigan State Senate in 2044

Joe Hune has long been a supporter of pro-life issues and received the Right to Life endorsement recognizing his support of being an effective voice in government for the unborn.  

As a State Senator, Joe Hune has consistently voted in favor of all pro-life legislation. While in the House of Representatives, He sponsored legislation to strengthen the working relationship between Gift of Life and county medical examiners resulting in countless lives being saved through organ donation. 


Joe Hune has earned a reputation for asking the tough questions and making government more accountable to hardworking taxpayers. Joe's priorities are clear and he won't let politics stop him from fighting for workers, families and seniors.
- KEEP TAXES LOW because in this economy, you deserve to keep more of what you earn so you can provide for your family.

- ELIMINATE WASTEFUL SPENDING to utilize tax dollars more efficiently and reduce debt. This economy has forced people to live within their means and it is time for government to do the same.

- DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY to limit government entitlements, end failed policies, and keep government efficient.


When politicians wanted to tax seniors' pensions, Joe Hune said "no." Now, Joe is leading the fight to repeal the pension tax because taxing senior's retirement in order to balance the state budget is just wrong. Joe Hune believes we must keep the promises made to our seniors and give them the peace of mind they deserve. 

- Keep taxes low to protect seniors on fixed-incomes.

- Get health care reform right and protect medicare.

- Strengthen the economy so our kids and grandkids can stay in Michigan, work, and raise a family here.