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Joe receives the Champion of Commerce award.

Joe Hune is making an uncompromising commitment for more jobs and better careers for Michigan workers. Joe believes you deserve a state government that makes Michigan a better place to grow a career by making Michigan a better place to provide a job.

- Encourage job growth: Apply common sense to government rules and regulations to protect our jobs and attract more opportunities.
- Prepare workers: We must equip our community colleges and tech centers with training programs that prepare workers for today's new careers. 
- Keep taxes low: By keeping taxes low on our local small businesses, they can afford to stay here and provide more good-paying jobs for people.
- Reduce wasteful spending and debt: This economy has forced people to live within their means and it is time for government to do the same.
Today's Results:
280,000 NEW JOBS in Michigan
Unemployment LOWEST since 2009
$1.5 million in DEBT ERASED
$580 million into budget savings fund
Balanced the budget early 4 years in a row 
There is much more work to be done and we are pushing forward!