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Videos from Hartland Tea Party Event 

Here are the videos from the Hartland Tea Party Event which was held on June 2.



Tea Party Activists

First of all, let me say that the Memorial Day parade and festivities in Hartland were awe inspiring.  It is wonderful that we are able to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed so much before us in the name of freedom.  Thank you to all the servicemen and women honored over this past weekend-words cannot express our gratitude for all that you do for all Americans.

Joe addresses Tea Party activists in Hartland.

Hartland Tea Party

Today the Hartland Tea Party folks from Retake Our Gov met and gave me the wonderful opportunity of addressing the group.  I was pleased to stand before them and commit to continuing the fight against needless tax increases and support reigning in the out of control government spending.  I am proud to have a strong record opposing taxes while serving in the State House and I look forward taking those principles with me to the State Senate.  Check out the video on my Facebook page by clicking here-you'll see my speech tonight with some great Q&A from the audience. 


Shiawassee Tea Party Event-April 17

Shiawassee also held a Tea Party event.  Check out the footage from this video from April 17: