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Thank You For Your Support!

Joe and Marcia Hune celebrate a big primary victory.After a brief hiatus to catch our breath, we are taking the time now to extend the most heartfelt thank you for everyone's support in the August Primary Election.  Our campaign had a strong message and we worked harder than one can imagine, but we could not have been successful without the support of so many folks throughout the district. 

As the election came near, we were confident that success was on the horizon, but the margin of victory was amazing.  We beat our opponent by 40 percentage points, which was one of the largest victories across Michigan on Election Day.  We won every single precinct, except for one-my opponent's home precinct, and we only lost that by 11 votes. 

Again, we could not have been victorious without the support of a great team of family, friends, and neighbors who believed in our cause and did what was needed to be successful.  Stay tuned as we will be ramping up for another HUGE WIN in November.  Check back weekly for the most up to date campaign information and don't forget to sign up for our email newsletters (link on the right) if you aren't already receiving those!


Primary Election is Here!

Primary Election Today!-Tuesday, August 3rd

Just a reminder to everyone that the Primary Election is today!.  Individuals can click the Secretary of State's link below to be directed to the "Michigan Voter Information Center" in order to view polling location, sample ballots, and other information:

Michigan Voter Information Center

We are hoping for your support for Joe Hune for the 22nd State Senate District on August 3rd.  Join us in electing a proven leader who is one true conservative!


Election Night Party for Joe Hune for State Senate 

Come join us tonight at Lucky's Pub in Downtown Fowlerville.  Family, friends, and supporters will be with us to watch the election results come in throughout the night.  Plenty of food will be on hand for what we feel will be a victory party!  

Here are the details:

Lucky's Pub

119 N. Grand Ave.

Fowlerville, MI
8 pm-3 am


Brighton Tea Party Video

Once again I had the privilege to speak to a local Tea Party group at their "Meet the Candidates" night.  This is the second time I've been able to work with the Brighton Tea Party to outline my conservative values.  Thank you again also to the Hartland Tea Party-RetakeOurGov-for their recent endorsement!  You can view the video below from the Brighton event on July 27th.  




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