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Michigan Chamber of Commerce Has Endorsed Joe Hune!

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has announced their endorsement of Joe Hune for the 22nd State Senate District! This decision was based on Senator Hune’s voting record on vital business topics including tax policy, campaign finance, environment, human resources, legal reform, and transportation investment.

“All of the incumbents receiving endorsements have demonstrated a strong commitment to Michigan’s economic competitiveness and free enterprise by supporting policies based on individual freedom, incentive and opportunity,” noted Jim Holcomb, Senior Vice Present for Business Advocacy & General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. “Returning these individuals to Lansing will help keep Michigan on the right track through their support of a legislative agenda rooted in job creation and taxpayer protection initiatives.”

Thank you Michigan Chamber!


Senator Hune's Republican Unity Breakfast!

Following the August primary, please feel free to join Team Hune for a Republican Unity Breakfast.


Senator Joe Hune Gains NFIB Endorsement!!

Senator Joe Hune's campaign received a boost with an endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the state’s leading small-business advocacy group. NFIB State Director Charles Owens had this to say about Joe's endorsement:

“After a careful review of the candidates we have found that Senator Hune has a keen understanding of the problems facing family businesses and their employees. We wish Joe success in the upcoming election and we look forward to continue working with him in the Michigan legislature.”

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