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Tea Party Activists

First of all, let me say that the Memorial Day parade and festivities in Hartland were awe inspiring.  It is wonderful that we are able to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed so much before us in the name of freedom.  Thank you to all the servicemen and women honored over this past weekend-words cannot express our gratitude for all that you do for all Americans.

Joe addresses Tea Party activists in Hartland.

Hartland Tea Party

Today the Hartland Tea Party folks from Retake Our Gov met and gave me the wonderful opportunity of addressing the group.  I was pleased to stand before them and commit to continuing the fight against needless tax increases and support reigning in the out of control government spending.  I am proud to have a strong record opposing taxes while serving in the State House and I look forward taking those principles with me to the State Senate.  Check out the video on my Facebook page by clicking here-you'll see my speech tonight with some great Q&A from the audience. 


Thanks for All the Support!

Since our last blog posting, we have been very busy working our campaign plan, which includes a whole lot of door-to-door campaigning.  We have been virtually all over the 22nd Senate District and will continue this pace up through to election-day and beyond.  We've knocked around 15,000 doors-getting face to face voter contact with constituents in Livingston, Shiawassee, and Ingham Counties.  Thanks for all the support thus far!

I would also like to thank all of the folks involved with Brighton Rotary’s Lip Stync.  Our performance last Saturday night was awesome and “Beauty School Dropout” went off without a hitch.  Stay tuned for further updates on our website and you are welcome to join us at these events:

Fowlerville Business Association Afterhours

at the home of Gary and Mary Helfmann

601 N. Grand Ave Fowlerville

Thursday, May 27th

Starting at 5:30 pm


Hartland Memorial Day Festivities


Partisan Politics? / Mrs. Hune Shines at Candidates' Wives Forum

Partisan Politics?

One thing I often hear along the campaign trail from some other candidates is that they want you to send them to Lansing to get rid of the partisan politics that is hindering the passage of legislation.  I can honestly say that when given the chance while serving in the State House of Representatives, I was more than happy to work with my democratic colleagues to pass legislation to help move Michigan forward by creating jobs.  I was also proud to work on bipartisan legislation for Gift of Life to help coordinate the organ donation process. 

However, if standing up against outrageous spending in the state budget and against the business, income, and services tax increases in 2007 proposed by Gov. Granholm and the democrats means I was involved in partisan politics, then I’m guilty as charged.  I was elected by the constituents of my House District to represent them in Lansing with a conservative agenda and I still stand by those values today as I campaign for the State Senate.  I agree that lawmakers can and should work together to help pass meaningful legislation that will help put our residents back to work-but rubber stamping tax increases without first considering real spending reforms is not the answer. 

Candidates' Wives Forum

Marcia Hune stands second from the right.Many of you know that as a candidate for the State Senate I attend numerous speaking engagements.  Well this week another Hune received the spotlight at the Shiawassee Women’s GOP Group Meeting-“Behind Every Great Man is an Even Greater Woman” forum. 

The wives of the candidates in the 85th House District race as well as the 22nd Senate District race were invited to come and speak about their beliefs, their husbands’ campaigns, and much more.  I was so proud of my wife, Marcia Hune, who attended and did a great job speaking about our pro-life, pro-second amendment, anti-tax platform.  What a great opportunity for the constituents to learn more about us as candidates by meeting our wonderful wives.

Durand Railroad Days Parade

We also had a great time and beautiful weather for the Durand Railroad Days Parade.  We had Team Hune in full force that day!
Family and friends are members of Team Hune