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Durand and Fowlerville Parades Today....More Tomorrow and Monday!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!  What a wonderful time to celebrate our Nation.  We honor all who have sacraficed so much for our freedom.  Thus far we've been humbled to participate in a few parades for the holiday, and there are more to come on Sunday, July 4 and Monday, July 5.  Thanks to all the volunteers so far-we're looking forward to seeing more volunteers in Corunna, Gregory, Mason, Brighton, and Cohoctah. 

Here are some photos from the Durand parade this morning and from Fowlerville this evening.  We had nearly 40 volunteers walking, passing out candy, handing out stickers, and driving tractors in the Fowlerville parade.  What an amazing event!  We are so happy for all the support for Joe Hune for State Senate!!


Supporters at the Durand parade

Supporters say Joe Hune is #1 at the Fowlerville parade


Parades for the 4th of July-Come Walk With Us!

This weekend, starting on Saturday, July 3, there are several parades being held in the 22nd Senate District in honor of the 4th of July holiday.  We will have a number of our usual campaign volunteers from "Team Hune" helping out, but for any of you who are interested, feel free to join us!  Here is the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, July 3

Durand-11 am (10 am line up E. Hagle by the clock tower)

Fowlerville-7 pm (I will be the announcer for this parade! 6 pm line up near the VFW)


Sunday, July 4

Corunna-11 am (10 am line up on State Street)

Gregory- 12 pm (11 am line up on M 106 south of downtown Gregory)

Mason-7:30 pm (6 pm line up south lot of Mason HS)


 Monday, July 5

Brighton-10 am (9 am line up corner of Main and Church)

Cohoctah-11 am (10 am line up at the Machine shop on Oak Grove Rd, just south of Cohoctah Rd)

Anyone interested in joining us may send an email to or call Troy Tuggle at (517) 525-1845 for more information.  We of course will have Joe Hune t-shirts for all participants!  We'd love to see you out there with us-as always thanks for all of your support!



Residents of 22nd District Support Joe Hune for State Senate!

Many of you have read or heard about some of the key endorsements our campaign for the State Senate has received in recent weeks, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Association of Home Builders. 

But the campaign has also received some wonderful accolades from many of the residents of the 22nd State Senate District.  I am so proud to be receiving so much support from these citizens.  Many of them have met me or other members of the campaign including my wife and father along the way knocking doors and we couldn't be happier to receive such positive comments.  Click on the "Endorse" button to view all of these endorsements.  Here are just a few things people are saying:

Gerald Coppock (Hartland): "Joe Hune has my endorsement. Lets bring Michigan back on track. Support the rebirth of Michigan, by supporting Joe for State Senate!"

Kyle Hearn (Brighton): "Joe Hune has been an incredible asset to our community and is someone that cares more about doing what's best for our community, than getting elected. It's important that we have someone such as this representing our district for the next 4 years."

Matt Ikle (Howell): "I endorse Joe for State Senate 2010.  Joe is a fellow business owner and has the integrity, values and conservative foundation that I personally look for in a person that is going to represent us in Lansing."

Dave Curtis (Gregory-Deputy Fire Chief, Unadilla Township Fire Department): "Joe is always there to support the communities he represents, not just the local governments but the organizations and people that are trying to make a difference every day.  He is truly grass roots."


Thank you again to everyone for all your support-it is because of you I am making this run to serve in the State Senate.  We love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact the campaign through the "Contact" button on the Web site and don't forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter using the form on the right to receive up to date information about the campaign. 

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