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Livingston County Press and Argus Endorses Joe Hune!!

The Livingston County Press and Argus has released its endorsements, and for the 22nd Senate District it has chosen Senator Joe Hune.  Here is an excerpt from the release:

"Good lawmaking does require experience. And Hune really has that experience as state senator. He knows how the legislative process works because he's been in Lansing representing his district for many years.

Staunchly conservative, Hune's views reflect those of his conservative district, which covers Livingston County.

And he has served the district well. He's accessible and involved in the community back home. He is also a well-respected member of the majority caucus in a Legislature dominated at present by Republicans. So that puts Hune in a position to get things done for the district.

Case in point, it was Hune who accomplished the most substantial reform to date in the wake of the fungal meningitis outbreak, resulting from contaminated steroid injections, that hit Livingston County particularly hard.

Congress passed a bill, but it was toothless. A grand jury was appointed to look into the outbreak, but so far, it has produced nothing. Court action was filed on behalf of the victims, but any settlement is expected to produce very little for those who were affected.

But Hune sponsored a bill to crack down on compounding pharmacies, hold their pharmacists accountable and improve tracking of medicines produced there. Hune shepherded it through the Legislature and got it signed by the governor.

Something just like that bill ought to be put in effect nationwide, but Hune got it done here in Michigan.

He is effective for his district. That's the primary reason we urge voters to return JOE HUNE to the state Senate."

Check out the full release and other LCP&A endorsements here:

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