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Endorsements for Joe Hune

The following individuals and groups have placed their support behind Joe Hune for Michigan's 22nd District State Senate seat.


Michigan Manufacturers Association

 Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Citizens for Traditional Values

Right to Life

National Federation of Independent Business

Michigan Farm Bureau

RetakeOurGov (Hartland TEA Party Group)

National Rifle Association

Shooters' Alliance for Firearms Rights

Deputy Sheriff's Association of Michigan

Fraternal Order of Police

American Bikers Aiming Towards Education

Michigan Restaurant Association

Michigan Association of Realtors

Michigan Agri-Business Association

Friends of Housing-Michigan Association of Home Builders

Small Business Association of Michigan

Michigan Association of Police Organizations

Michigan Townships Association

Michigan Credit Union League Action Fund

Michigan Doctors Political Action Committee-Michigan State Medical Society

Michigan Associated Builders and Contractors

Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce

Michigan Physical Therapy Association

Livingston County Association of Realtors

Michigan Retailers Association

Police Officers Association of Michigan

Michigan Corn Growers Association

Great Lakes Education Project


Jim Gilmore (Brighton): "Joe is a solid conservative, an effective leader in the commuinity and the legislature and an extremely hard worker. Joe is grounded in his conservative beliefs and will not waver in the face of political and/or media pressure. I call that principled! He is attentive to the needs of our community and has a vision for what Michigan can become. Joe has my unqualified support for the State Senate."

Douglas Heins (Howell-former City Councilmember): "Joe has the conviction and strength to move new ideas in Lansing and is the best person to represent our District. Currently living in a city run by the other candidate, a person that raises taxes, fees, and is deaf to citizens comments, it is REFRESHING to know Joe does what he says and will make sure Michigan moves forward to be  competitive  in today’s economy."

James Engel (CWO-2 USMC Ret.): "As a Veteran and a member of the NRA, I endorse Joe Hune for State Senate."

John Nicholas (Howell): "We need someone to protect our 2nd amendment rights and I believe Joe is that person."

Joshua Elliott (Fowlerville): "As a College Student worried about my future, I am waiting for Michigan to regain prosperity. Joe has the capability to make a real difference!"

Michael Calton (Howell): "I have lived in Livingston County for the last 40 years now and have never seen someone who cares more then Joe has!"

Christopher Eveleth (Owosso): "As an Owosso City Councilman, I know we can count on Joe to care about the local issues that affect us most.  I've met with Joe several times and am confident that he is the best person to represent the 22nd district in the State Senate."

David Grissom (Howell): "As a self employed builder from Howell I am incensed to see wasteful government spending and overbearing government regulation, especially in a down economy.  When a municipality can tear up perfectly good roads to install "streetscapes" complete with new sidewalks, benches, islands, and overpriced trees, something is wrong.  When it takes longer to obtain permits to build a deck than to actually build the deck, something is wrong.  There is a lot wrong in Lansing and Joe Hune and his common sense approach is just the fix we need.  If we could only get 147 more people like Joe we would have no problems at all.

Let's join together on August 3 and vote to send Joe back to Lansing! "

Kathie Horning (Hartland Township Treasurer): "Common sense and a fantastic work ethic!"

Brian Miles (Tyrone Township): "As a State Representative, Joe was an effective leader who was attentive to our communities needs.  You can expect more of the same from Joe as your next State Senator."

Jim Vasher (Hamburg): "As a member of the NRA, I endorse Joe Hune."

Don Hill (Hartland): "Joe has the energy experience and organization to win this seat and do what he has promised."

Alan Neushwander: "As a licensed Michigan REALTOR, and a member of the media, it is my pleasure to endorse Joe Hune for State Senate." 

 George Bakopoulos (Brighton): "I had only a brief contact with Joe, but I was impressed by the concern he and his stuff displayed while looking into my matter. Since then I read about him, heard about him and made my mind that he's the best man for the job of representing ME and my neighbors in Lansing."

Donald Murphy (Howell): "I've known Joe and his staff for many years.  I have found them to be people of integrity and of high moral standard.  He believes in doing the right thing which may not be the most popular thing.  He is fiscally responsible and believes the people must have a voice!  A Great guy and a friend of the people!  Give him a chance!"

Thomas Schumm (Pinckney): "I have known Joe for several years in our work for the Livingston County YMCA. He is a man of integrity, and honesty. He lives his life by the princlples he espouses. I am certain he will do what he says when he goes to Lansing, and he will be an important voice of reason and restraint, which is long overdue and sorely needed in Michigan'government. He can be part of the solution by helping undue some of the damage done by the big spending taxers presently in Lansing."

James & Sandra Costello (Howell)"Joe's record speaks for itself and certainly for us, too.  We endorse his agenda and are counting on his Michigan Senate election to bring fiscal responsibility and private sector employment back to our communities."

Gerald Coppock (Hartland): "Joe Hune has my endorsement. Lets bring Michigan back on track. Support the rebirth of Michigan, by supporting Joe for State Senate!"

Kyle Hearn (Brighton): "Joe Hune has been an incredible asset to our community and is someone that cares more about doing what's best for our community, than getting elected. It's important that we have someone such as this representing our district for the next 4 years."

Dave Curtis (Gregory-Deputy Fire Chief, Unadilla Township Fire Department): "Joe is always there to support the communities he represents, not just the local governments but the organizations and people that are trying to make a difference every day.  He is truly grass roots."

Mark Koroi: "Joe Hune is a hardworking advocate of citizens. He will be good for the residents of his district and for all people of this state. He deserves your support."

Kimberly Vitale: "I had the honor of living in Fowlerville Mich. and watching Joe grow up. He came from a family who served our town in many ways! He was born a true leader and always put forth 100% in everything he has done! I am proud to have known such a brilliant young boy grow into a leader who helps all!  Let Joe have a chance to show you, the people what we from Fowlerville have seen.  A TRUE LEADER."

Jim Amburgey (Pinckney): "I only met Joe & his wife once and I liked how positive he was, and how much energy he had. I asked Joe to read a letter I wrote of one of my concerns in Government, he did and he answered me, I like someone who will do what they say they will do."

Chris Folts (Fowlerville): "Joe is a life long resident of Livingston County. Joe comes from a well respected and very hard working middle class family. Joe is capable and has my full support in his endeavor to put this state back on the right path."

Terry Smith (Howell): "I know Joe works hard and a good person and will do a Great Job."

Yvonne Ruff (Brighton): "Michigan needs Joe Hune's plan of action as our voice in the State Senate."

Jan Criss: "As an active participant in Ingham County Republican groups I had the pleasure of meeting Joe about a year ago.  We have engaged in many meaningful conversations regarding what he stands for which gave me clear insight into his character and beliefs.  Joe has stood out in my mind as one of the most positive, responsive candidates that I have met since my full fledged involvement in the Republican party.  I simply smile when I think of Joe and what a wonderful asset he is to our party.  We are lucky he represents us!"

Beth Hand (Fowlerville): "Michigan needs change and I believe Joe is the change we need."

John Dinkel (Pinckney): "You won't meet a more honest and hard working guy.  Joe listens to his voters."

Lue Gilroy (Fenton): "I am impressed with Joe Hune, we need people with morals and ethics in government in order to change the attitude and the direction of our nation. I think Joe Hune can get the job done!  A great nation should have great leaders Joe Hune is what we need. Change is Coming America."

State Rep. Cindy Denby (Handy Twp.)     Former State Rep. Larry Julian (Lennon)

Chuck Stockwell (Brighton)                        Barb and Tom Sullivan (Brighton)

Bernie & Bonnie Corrigan (Brighton)         Paul Sheng (Brighton)

Brian Jonckheere (Howell)                         Dan & Sue Ringuette (Howell)  

Chuck & Pat Menzies (Hamburg)              Mike Sedlak (Green Oak)  

Carol Griffith (Brighton)                             Diana Wells (Hartland)

Barry Davis (Brighton)                                Sharon Sutis (Brighton)                             

Dave Linksz (Howell)                                 John & Wilma Harrison (Howell) 

Doug Heinze, OD (Howell)                         Jim & Pat Claffey (Howell)                        

Harry & Ingrid Brown (Linden)                  Jim Weeks (Howell)                                   

Bill & Nancy Johnston (Howell)                  Norine Bradley (Fowlerville)

Don Vickers (Leslie Twp.)                          Wayne Copeland (Fowlerville)                

Alicia Wyland (Brighton)                             Mike Bitondo (Pinckney)

John & Kathy Backhuus (Fowlerville)          Sterling Maxfield (Howell)

Russell Spencer (Fenton)                           Scott Niblack (Fowlerville)

John & Carol Jelken (Fowlerville)                Harold Anderson (Fowlerville)

Dale Pepper (Pinckney)                              Joan Kelly (Fowlerville)                   

Sharon Kartes (Brighton)                            Rick & Cindy Pine (Hamburg)

Adam Williams (Howell)                              Deb Hoskins (Webberville)             

Vic & Dianne Deichert (Fowlerville)            Linda Palazzolo (Hartland)

Ricci Bandkau (Brighton)                            Chuck Moran (Brighton)

Mike and Julie Corrigan (Brighton)            Sally Reynolds (Marion Twp.)

Julie Fielek (Green Oak Twp.)                     Kate Lowry (Green Oak Twp.)

Irene & Jim Besancon (Brighton)                Pat & Larry Aretha (Howell)

Peggi & Troy Tuggle (Howell)                    Dr. Henry & Cathy Vaupel (Fowlerville)

Mary & Harry Griffith (Genoa)                   Alice Wyland (Hartland)                             

Mary Ellen Shreve (Howell)                    Barry & Carolyn Davis

Marion & Betty Hune (Fowlerville)               Kim & Dave Hune (Fowlerville)

Andy Hune (Fowlerville)                         Chrissy & David Martinez (Fowlerville)

Eric Hune                                         Larry Hilditch

Susan Biermann (Howell)                            Cindy Dickerson (Conway Twp.)

Dave Grob (Whitmore Lake)                         Francis Poszywak (Putnam Twp.)