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Joe Hune understands parents work hard, and they deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their kids will have access to a great education - one that prepares them for success in a career and in life. In Michigan, we are spending more money on education than ever before, and Joe Hune is fighting to make sure those education dollars are spent in the classroom - not in the pockets of the special interests.

- Empower parents: Give moms and dads more choice and control over their child's education because nothing, and no one, can replace an involved parent

- Protect funding: How efficiently and effectively we use our resources is just as important as how much we spend. As funding increases, more money should be spent in the classroom to ensure students achieve the skills they need to succeed.

- Teach students: Education is not about politics or federal mandates: it is about committed teachers who are held accountable, and rewarded, for delivering consistent results. We must also expand vocational training to prepare students and workers for today's new high tech careers.