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MTA-PAC endorses Sen. Joe Hune in 22nd Senate November election!

Oct. 31, 2014

CONTACT: Jennifer Fiedler
Director of Communications
(517) 321-6467

MTA-PAC endorses Sen. Joe Hune in 22nd Senate November election

Delta Charter Township, Mich.—The Michigan Townships Association Political Action Committee (MTA-PAC) is pleased to endorse Sen. Joe Hune for State Senator in the November election for the 22nd District.

“I would like to thank the Michigan Townships Association for recognizing my leadership while serving in the State Senate,” Hune said of MTA's endorsement. “I look forward to continue working on important local issues with the townships of my district and this great state.”

The MTA-PAC endorsements were based primarily on input from township officials and the candidate’s responsiveness to township issues before the Michigan Legislature. The MTA-PAC sent questionnaires to township officials, and questionnaires were also sent to all legislative candidates on key issues of importance to townships.

“The MTA-PAC is pleased to announce this endorsement for the general election,” said Joanne Boehler, MTA-PAC committee chair. “We take our endorsement process very seriously, with more than half of Michigan’s citizens residing in townships. It’s our belief that the candidates we endorse are looking out for the best interests of Michigan townships and local communities.”

Michigan’s 1,240 townships comprise more than 96 percent of Michigan’s land area and represent more than 50 percent of the state's population. The MTA Board of Directors established the MTA-PAC in 1982 to actively participate in the elections for the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate.


The Michigan Townships Association promotes the interests of township government by fostering strong, vibrant communities; advocating legislation to meet 21st century challenges; developing knowledgeable township officials and enthusiastic supporters of township government; and encouraging ethical practices of elected officials who uphold the traditions and unique characteristics of township government and the values of the people of Michigan.